Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bodacious adj.

also bardacious, bodashes, bowdacious
[SE bold + audacious. Coined in the 19C, the term was ‘relaunched’ on 1970s Citizen’s Band radio and with the release of the hit teen film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989). Major, Juba to Jive: A Dict. of Afro-American Slang (1994) suggests earlier US black use, and root in Bantu botesha, grand, big]

1. (US) excellent, wonderful, very enjoyable; also as adv.

[US]Salt Lake Trib. (UT) 28 May 4/1: F. Clarke, who plays such bodacious ball for the Pirates, is a mighty killer of the furry game.
[US]Chicago Daily Trib. 6 May 6/1: Overall was good, so was the descendant of kings, and the fielding was bodacious if anybody knows what that means.
CBer’s Handy Atlas/Dictionary 12/1: bodacious - Extremely strong, as in reference to an incoming signal.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Oct. 2: bodacious – a lot of fun, interchangeable with hellacious.
[US]S. King It (1987) 460: They played bodacious.
[US]L. Stavsky et al. A2Z 9/2: bodacious – extremely cool: He be flippin’ bodacious rhymes.
[UK]Guardian G2 3 Aug. 3: Bodashes, eh? Right.
Dly Record (Morristown, NJ) 5 June 39: [Off] to the taco stand for a ‘bodacious’ burrito.

2. (US) audacious, unceremonious, insolent.

[US]W.T. Thompson Chronicles of Pineville 167: Then there was a kick or two and a blow with the frying-pan – ‘take that, you bowdacious fool’.
W. Kansas World (KS) 20 Feb. 5/1: If you chanced to laugh at him or doubt the smallest part of his bodacious anecdotes it almost broke his heart.
[US]Eve. Star (DC) 20 Oct. 11/1: But while he wuz somewhat bardacious, I don’t think he left us puppusly.
[UK]D. Stewart Shadows of the Night in Illus. Police News 22 June 12/1: But, mind, the dodge ain’t up to nuffin, without you’ve done something howdacious [sic].
[US]L.W. Payne Jr ‘Word-List From East Alabama’ in DN III:iv 292: bodacious, adj. Bold, unceremonious, outright.
[US]Ocala Eve. Star (FL) 29 Jan. 4/2: Sum sinners is bodacious an’ fir ‘ligeon da don’t care.
[US]Iron Co. Register (MO) 14 Aug. 8/1: I calls dis yuh mule Politician uh-kaze de minute yo’ takes yo’ eye off’n de bodacious scoun’el right den he’s into devilbent.
[US]Hammond (IN) Times 5 Nov. 1/7: If there’s anyone in Hammond who can take it, it’s Bill Prater, debonair theater usher and bodacious bridegroom of four days.
[US]Randolph & Wilson Down in the Holler 228: bodacious: adj. Outright, bold, brazen.
[UK]J. Colebrook Cross of Lassitude 49: Well, don’t you be bodacious!
[US]N. McCall Makes Me Wanna Holler (1995) 76: There were some cats who were so bodacious that they even took on cops.
[US]‘Touré’ Portable Promised Land (ms.) 115: The bodacious, predatorily sexual lick lip.
[US]J. Hannaham Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit 56: The bodacious little chanteuse.

3. (US) substantial, used in concrete or abstract sense.

[US]Chicago Daily Trib. 20 Aug. 7/2: No wonder the heavens cracked open and the rain descended in bodacious torrents.
[US]T. Whitmore Memphis-Nam-Sweden 170: He had the biggest, most ‘bodacious’ hands I’d ever seen.
[US]N. Kelley ‘The Code’ in Brooklyn Noir 177: A chronicle of gunz, bitchez, and bodacious niggatude.

4. (US campus) of a young woman, attractive, esp. possessed of large breasts.

[US]Hammond (IN) Times 31 Jan. 1/2: Charles Esola, the youthful assistant city attorney, is being kidded about the increase in his harem. Five more bodacious females will aid him in the city ordinance codification.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Nov. 1: bodacious – tremendous, fantastic. Used mainly by males to comment on parts of the female anatomy.
[US]D. Burke Street Talk 2 52: A bodacious babe.
(con. 1980s) 🌐 bodacious An 80’s guy’s way to describe a woman who had a beautiful body. She is bodacious with gnarly ta-tas.