Green’s Dictionary of Slang

like fuck adv.

also like a fuck
[like fuck! excl.]

intensely, very much.

[US]P. Hamill Flesh and Blood (1978) 57: They’re cheering like a fuck for Negron.
[Ire]R. Doyle Commitments 95: Cheer when the curtain opens, righ’. – An’ clap like fuck.
[Ire]P. McCabe Butcher Boy (1993) 38: Then I ran like fuck.
[Ire]P. McCabe Breakfast on Pluto 70: I ran like fuck away out of there.
[Aus]T. Winton ‘Defender’ in Turning (2005) 316: I’m sure it hurts like fuck.
[UK]J. Fagan Panopticon (2013) 94: He fancies Shortie like fuck.
[Scot]G. Armstrong Young Team 34: [I] start runnin like fuck.