Green’s Dictionary of Slang

luck n.

also good luck
[pvb ‘Shitten luck is good luck’]

[late 18C–early 19C] stepping into a heap of excrement.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

break luck (v.)

1. [1930s+] of a prostitute, to encounter the first customer of the day.

2. [1960s] in general use, to have a piece of good fortune.

change one’s luck (v.)

1. [1910s–70s] (US) for a white person to have sex with a black person (esp. for the first time).

2. [1970s+] (US gay) to perform homosexual sex for the first time.

do one’s luck (v.) [do in v. (6)]

[1910s+] (Aus.) to use up or run out of luck.

luck of Eric Connolly (n.) [proper name of Eric Connolly (d.1944), known as an exceptionally lucky gambler]

[1940s–60s] (Aus.) a description of any lucky person.

In exclamations

half your luck!

[1930s+] (orig. Aus.) signifying envy, jealousy of the person addressed, i.e. I wish I had ...