Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lug n.2

[SE lug v., to drag, to haul. Such a heavyweight would need to be dragged along, mentally or physically. Note Scot. luggie, awkward, sluggish; mid 16C SE lug, something heavy and clumsy may be only coincidental]
(orig. US)

1. [late 19C+] a large, stupid man.

2. [1930s] a lout, a sponger.

3. [1930s+] a general term of abuse.

4. [1950s] a person, irrespective of character.

In compounds

In phrases

put the lug on (v.) (also drop the lug on)

1. [1920s+] to beg; to demand money with menaces, to extort, to blackmail .

2. [1930s–40s] (US) to beat up, to use violence against.