Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jelly bean n.

1. a person who is ‘sweet’ or ‘soft’.

(a) [1910s–60s] (US) a sweetheart.

(b) [1910s+] (US) a foolish, inept, dishonest or effeminate person.

(c) [1920s–30s] one who is devoted to pleasure rather than work; esp. used of a high-school student.

(d) [1920s–30s] a fashionably dressed young man, a womanizer.

2. [1930s+] a pimp.

3. [1960s] (US gay) a small penis.

4. [1960s+] (US black) a term of address.

5. in drug uses [the drugs resemble sweets].

(a) [1960s+] (drugs) any form of pill, e.g. a barbiturate, an amphetamine.

(b) [1990s+] (US campus) a painkiller.

(c) [1990s+] (drugs) crack cocaine.

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