Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chill n.

1. [20C+] (US) rejection, ‘the cold shoulder’.

2. [1930s+] murder, death, assassination; also attrib.

3. [1940s] (US Und.) a situation where a potential victim of a con trick loses interest in the hoax.

4. [1970s+] (US campus) beer.

5. [1980s+] (US) a pose of indifference, of coolness.

6. see chill (pill) under chill adj.

In phrases

no chill (n.) (also zero chill)

[2010s] (US campus) a lack of emotional stability or sophistication.

play the chill (for) (v.) (also give the chill)

[1920s+] to ignore, to avoid, to act coldly towards.

put the chill on (v.)

1. [1920s+] (US) to snub, to ignore.

2. [1930s+] to murder, to kill, to assassinate.

3. [1950s+] (US prison) to intimidate, to discourage, to make one uncomfortable.