Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whale v.2

[whaler n.2 ]

(Aus.) to live as a vagrant; often as whale up the Lachlan v.

[Aus]Aus. Town & Country Jrnl (NSW) 15 Oct. 21/4: No true whaling kit is complete without [...] tea and sugar bag [...] dilly bag [...] and last - guess it - it's only for true whalers - a watrproof bag for the frogs (N.B. - Always carry a frogfor two for bait).
[Aus] ‘Flash Jack from Gundagai’ in ‘Banjo’ Paterson Old Bush Songs 27: I’ve been whalin’ up the Lachlan, and I’ve dossed on Copper’s Creek.
[US]J. Greenway ‘Australian Cattle Lingo’ in AS XXXIII:3 167: on the wallaby (track), to be, to whale up the lachlan, to hump a drum (bluey), v. phr. To wander with a swag, to hobo.