Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dogs n.1

also dawgs, doggers, doggies
[first recorded, if not coined by US sportswriter T.A. ‘Tad’ Dorgan (1877–1929) in his syndicated cartoon Indoor Sports]

1. [1910s+] (US) the feet; occas. sing.

2. [mid-19C; 1910s+] (mainly US) shoes.

3. [1990s+] (US black) gym shoes, trainers.

In compounds

dog-stiffeners (n.) (also dog-poisoners)

[late 19C+] (Aus.) leather leggings.

In phrases

pedal one’s dogs (v.)

[1920s+] (US) to leave, to go away; esp. as excl. pedal your dogs!