Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dodger n.2

[? Northumberland dial. dodge, a lump, a chunk]

1. (Aus./US) bread, a sandwich, food in general; thus hunk/yunk of dodger, a slice of bread.

[US]D. Crockett Col. Crockett’s Tour to North and Down East 105: To mould it, and fashion it, and make it a dodger or a johnny-cake, and bake one side or both.
[US]W. Oliver Eight Months in Illinois 34: Hoe cake, pona bread and dodger.
[US]S. Northup Twelve Years A Slave 67: I cut and handed to each a slice of meat and a ‘dodger’ of the bread.
[US]Squatter Sovereign (Atchison, KS) 18 Sept. 1/3: Why don’t people have more dodger and less gingerbread fixings? They’d be the better for it.
Sedalia Bazoo (MO) 10 Dec. 4/2: Their edibles consist of bacon [and] either dodger or hoe-cake.
[UK]Hants. Advertiser 24 Feb. 2/3: A ‘dodger’ is a small cake or biscuit.
Omaha Dly Bee 14 May 4/7: If angels bringing me some dish [...] would set before my hungry eyes a pone of dodger bread!
[Aus]W.H. Downing Digger Dialects 19: dodger — Bread.
[UK](con. WWI) Fraser & Gibbons Soldier and Sailor Words 79: Dodger, A: [...] Also a Sandwich.
[US]A.J. Pollock Und. Speaks 32/1: Dodger, bread.
[Aus]Mail (Adelaide) 22 June 23/1: Members of the new A.I.F. have the same word as the old A.I.F. for porridge [...] burgoo [...] A slice of bread is called a ‘yunk of dodger’.
[Aus]Baker Popular Dict. Aus. Sl. 24: Dodger, food of any kind. Also, a ‘yunk of dodger’, a slice of bread.
[Aus]‘Nino Culotta’ They’re a Weird Mob (1958) 51: Smack us in the eye with another hunk o’ dodger.
[Aus]S. Gore Holy Smoke 9: He tells young Dave he’d best shoot through for a coupla days and take the troops a few loaves of home-baked dodger.
[Aus]R. Aven-Bray Ridgey-Didge Oz Jack Lang 24: Dodger Bread.
[Aus]Tupper & Wortley Aus. Prison Sl. Gloss. [Internet] Dodger. Baked bread.

2. (US) the penis.

[US]Bawdy N.Y. State MS. n.p.: My cloths flew up and my feet flew up too, / And the head of his dodger looked awfully blue.