Green’s Dictionary of Slang

screamy adj.

[used of something that fig. SE screams]

1. extreme, exaggerated, undignified; of colour, glaring, violent.

[US]Spectator 25 Feb. 265/1: The two thoroughly unworthy and screamy [sonnets] on Carlyle’s Reminiscences, by Mr. Swinburne.
[UK]Truth (London) 11 June 927/1: Dining-rooms so fidgety with glitter, gilt, and screamy colouring, that I have been actually distracted whilst eating my turtlesoup, .
[UK]Derry Jrnl 12 Mar. 4/1: Buster Keaton in ‘College’. The Screamy side of Higher Education.

2. pertaining to a flamboyant, effeminate homosexual man.

[US]Maledicta III:2 235: Some outrageous types are deliberately screamy (or screaming) queens.