Green’s Dictionary of Slang

shitpot n.

[shit n. + SE pot]

1. a chamberpot, a lavatory.

[UK]R. Bull Grobianus 201: In case no other Utensil is nigh [...] Then use the Sh---pot, foul as foul can be, But then I beg you wou’d not drink to me.
[UK] ‘The Patent S--t-Pot’ in Cockchafer 34: She pull’d up her clouts where young Thomas was laid. / At sight of her movements he was much afraid, / But the nasty old devil, with infinite grace, / First f----d, and then let fly in his face! [...] But, hold of the story his neighbours soon got, / And from that time they call’d him the Old Maid’s S--t-pot!
N. Mailer letter 30 Apr. in Selected Letters (2014) 82: If we see Davis we shall transmit one silver shitpot.
[US]J. Thompson Texas by the Tail (1994) 170: The world was a shitpot with a barbed-wire handle.
[US]C. Bukowski Erections, Ejaculations etc. 427: You take your bath, we’ll let the shitpot wait.
[US]S. King It (1987) 877: Shut the door, Claude, that shitpot stinks to high heaven.

2. (also shitepot) an unpleasant person.

K. Hastings N.Y. Daily Globe 5 Apr. 2/5: He [i.e. author ‘Ned Buntline’] called me a dirty s----p-t, and I will have the honor of being the first s----p-t to give him a cow-hiding. He has the law to resort to, and he is perfectly at liberty to use it.
[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues.
[Aus]D. Niland Big Smoke 120: Dirty old louse! Stingy old shitpot!
[US]B. Malamud Tenants (1972) 121: Lesser, don’t think you so hot, / You got the look of a shit-pot.
[Ire](con. 1945) S. McAughtry Touch and Go 87: Man but yer a great pack of shitepots.

3. an unpleasant place, or inferior object; occas. as attrib.

[UK] ‘Of All The Blowings On The Town’ in Flash Chaunter 5: Of all the Blowings on the town, / There’s none like my flash Sally; / By prigs and w--es she is well known, / And she lives in S--t-pot Alley.
[US]J.T. Farrell World I Never Made 245: I suffered [...] bringing all your kids into this shitpot of a home you give them.
[US]S. Ace Stand On It (1979) 52: You finally got that shitpot all together, huh?

4. (also shitpotful) a large amount, lit. a chamberpot-ful.

[US]Baker et al. CUSS 195: Shitpot, a whole — full of A great deal of something.
[US]D. Ponicsan Last Detail 144: A shitpotful of the crew got deep-sixed.
[US]D. Jenkins Semi-Tough 17: I happened to scare up a publisher in New York who was enthusiastic enough about it to give me a whole lot of what you call your up-front whip-out. Which is a shitpot full of cash.
[US](con. 1945) E. Thompson Tattoo (1977) 331: Someone was doing a shitpot of lying about China somewhere.