Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pifflicated adj.

[colloq. piffle, to talk nonsense + spiflicate v.]


[US]E.H. Babbitt ‘College Words and Phrases’ in DN II:i 48: pifflicated, adj. Intoxicated.
[US]Harvard Advocate XXC 22: If it should please his pifflicated fancy to go through football practice with a derby hat, let him practice ahead.
E. Sheldon Nigger 113: Every one naturally showin’ his deep respect fo’ the immo’tal Geo’ge by gettin’ thoroughly pifflicated.
D. Marquis Danny’s Own Story (2008) 61: But that day he don’t drink any more, and Looey says mebby it ain’t going to be one of the reg’lar pifflicated kind.
F.P. Kafka Rummyniscences 64: They’re so ‘pifflicated’ they can’t see, and they’re rotten with coin. More money than brains .
[US]Howsley Argot: Dict. of Und. Sl.
[US]Popular Science Apr. 173: ‘Plastered— pifflicated— call it anything you want to!’ his wife shrilled. ‘Why, two days later you still were seeing things.’.
[Scot]F. Capra Autobiog. 271: I’ll have to admit that when I brought back that signed agreement to a waiting Guild Board we all went out and got pifflicated.
M. Forsyth Short History of Drunkenness 70: His clerks [...] were all pifflicated too.