Green’s Dictionary of Slang

— hell! excl.

used to negate the previous sentence or phrase; esp. in a rhetorical question, implying the answer no, in a variety of excls., including those listed below; also used with different personal pronouns.

In exclamations

could I hell!

an excl. implying resignation, acceptance.

did I hell!

implying negation, e.g. Did I steal that car, did I hell!; similarly will I hell! = no, I certainly won’t!

do I hell!

[20C+] an excl. of absolute rebuttal, i.e. the hell I will! no I certainly won’t/don’t!

is he/she/it hell! (also are we/you/they hell!)

[20C+] a general phr. of aggressive dismissal, countering or negating the previous statement.