Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hoojah n.

also hoojer, houjah

1. (US black) a derog. term for a white person.

[US]C. McKay Banjo 190: The froggies treat you better than the houjahs, eh? [Ibid.] 217: We have words like ofay, pink, fade, spade, Mr. Charlie, cracker, peckawood, hoojah, and so on. The stock is always increasing because as the whites get on to the old words we invent new ones.
[US]N.Y. Times Book Rev. 22 Sept. 18/1: Colorful white Southerners that Paul Hemphill eulogizes as the Good Old Boys are likely to be nobody but the same old all too familiar hateful-eyed, razor-backed, lynch-mob-prone, willfully backward, hysterically insecure but undeniably gritty peckerwoods [...] crackers [...] hoojers and swamp folks once thought to be the primary antagonists of Civil Rights [DARE].

2. see oojah n.