Green’s Dictionary of Slang

workadaddy n.

[SE working + daddy]

(US) an ordinary working citizen.

T. Wolfe Electric Kool-Aid Acid test 309: He looks ten or fifteen years older, like an old workadaddy on the 21 -day plan to Mexico.
A.D. Berton Social impact of Information Retrieval 3: But what are the services that the workadaddy husband and the PTA wife require from the giant brain?
C. Dowling How to Love a Member of the Opposite Sex 59: I guess I wanted it both ways: a solemn, nine-to-five workadaddy and a gifted genius of a man.
R. Jones Big Switch 287: [...] instead of a humdrum workadaddy, eternally faithful, except for a mean little skulking episode here and there.
K. Kesey Demon Box 353: And all the while the father sat without comment, not moving, just the muscles in his forearms and his big workadaddy hands, gripping the back of the seat.
[US]J. Stahl Pain Killers 372: One workadaddy, waxing his pickup [...] threw down the rag and ran over.