Green’s Dictionary of Slang

kidman’s blood mixture n.

also kidman’s joy
[proper name of Sir Sidney Kidman (1857–1935) a large-scale grazier]

(Aus.) treacle.

[Aus]Newcastle Sun (NSW) 6 Mar. 3/6: News sessions draw the crowds, even from the cook-house with a handful of bread and Kidman's Blood Mixture (sometimes called treacle), into which they bite ferociously.
[Aus]Baker Aus. Lang. 81: Consider, for example, these slang names for treacle and golden syrup: longtail, spare boy, Kidman’s blood mixture, Kidman’s joy, beetle bait, black jack, bullocky’s joy, cocky’s joy and tear-arse.
[Aus]Poultry Farmer (NSW) 32 56/3: Black treacle — Kidman's Blood Mixture — clears up pimples.