Green’s Dictionary of Slang

stupe n.

also stoop
[abbr. SE stupid]

a fool, an idiot.

[UK]I. Bickerstaff Love in a Village ii 2: Was ever such a poor stupe? [F&H].
[UK]W.L. Rede Our Village I ii: The poor old stupe.
[US]E. Wittmann ‘Clipped Words’ in DN IV:ii 121: stupe, from stupid.
[Aus]‘William Hatfield’ Ginger Murdoch 10: I’d oughter let her have you, you big stupe!
J.K. Butler ‘Death on the Hook’ in Headquarters Detective [Internet] ‘I sort of hate to admit about the gambling. They might hold me on it.’ ‘Don’t be a stoop [...] Everybody gambles around here.’.
[US]M. Hart Winged Victory II iii: I don’t mean stealing leaves from trees, stupe.
[US]M. Spillane Long Wait (1954) 133: Of all the lame-brain stupes you take the cake.
[UK]J. Curtis Look Long Upon a Monkey 201: He’s got a brain, that boy friend of yours, not a stupe like me.
[US]R. Gover One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding 96: Now I’m no stupe.
[US](con. 1945) E. Thompson Tattoo (1977) 367: She would be a perfect match for that Big Stoop, he suddenly thought.
[US]E. Torres Q&A 113: You, you stupe.
[US]W.T. Vollmann You Bright and Risen Angels (1988) 45: They wouldn’t even be able to see the view they’d paid for, the stupes.
[Aus]Tupper & Wortley Aus. Prison Sl. Gloss. [Internet] Stupe. A stupid person.
[US](con. 1964–8) J. Ellroy Cold Six Thousand 89: The nigger vibed stupe.
[US]S. King Finders Keepers (2016) 111: I can’t write much more than my own fuckin name, but I ain’t no stupe.