Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dog v.2

1. a euph. for damn v.

[UK]W. Eyster Far from the Customary Skies 10: Dog me if he ain’t a big one. [Ibid.] 325: This little girl treated me like I was decent and somebody. Aw, dog take it. [Ibid.] 329: Ah don’t want yuh sore at me. Ah’d do most anythin’ for yuh. Dog eat it, yuh know that blame well.
[US]A. Hine Unsinkable Molly Brown 8: Dog me, if it ain’t Shamus!
[US]T.B. Haber ‘Canine Terms Applied to Human Beings’ in AS XL:2 85: dog, dog take. Damn.

2. past participle of sense 1, esp. as I’ll be dogged...

[US]R. Carlton New Purchase I 171: I’ll be dogg’d if thare warnt a wild cat jist goin to spring.
Illinois Agricultural Society Transcripts II 232: I did want it, but I’ll be dogged if I could use it [DA].
[US]C.H. Smith Bill Arp 42: Old Bory will fight, dog’d if he don’t.
[US](con. c.1840) ‘Mark Twain’ Tom Sawyer 209: ’Tain’t a dream, then, ’tain’t a dream! Somehow I most wish it was. Dog’d if I don’t, Huck.
[US]‘Mark Twain’ Tramp Abroad 268: [He said] dog’d if he wanted to risk his neck going over those mountain roads on wheels in the dead of winter.
[US]Anderson Intelligencer (SC) 7 Feb. 1/5: Dog my cat if I can’t wheel a bully load of wood to the house [...] dog’d if I can’t.
[US]J.W. Carr ‘Words from Northwest Arkansas’ in DN III:ii 134: dogged, pp. In the exclamation, ‘I’ll be dogged’.
[US]H. Green Maison De Shine 93: I’m dogged if you ain’t enough to make a guy decide that stranglin’ his wife’s a lawful way to behave!
[US]A.P. Man Jr ‘Further Word-Lists – Virginia’ in DN IV:ii 159: dogged, Darned. ‘Ah’ll be dogged!’.
[US]H. Wiley Wildcat 71: Dogged if it ain’t ol’ Wildcat!
[US]N.I. White Amer. Negro Folk-Songs 335: [reported from Auburn, Ala., 1915–1916] Well I thought those gals was coming this way / Dogged if I’d work any more.
[US]T. Wolfe Look Homeward, Angel (1930) 497: Dogged if they don’t grow tall ’uns up there, Ben.
[US]J. Thompson Pop. 1280 in Four Novels (1983) 378: ‘We got a fella over in the jail [...] for pleasurin a pig.’ ‘Well, I’ll be dogged,’ I said.
[US]D. Woodrell Muscle for the Wing 96: I’ll be dogged if it ain’t Joe Shit the ragman, live and in person.

In exclamations

dog my cat(s)/doggone/hide/melts! (also dog on my cat!)

(US) a general excl. of amazement, annoyance, surprise.

[US]Spirit of the Times (N.Y.) 23 Mar. 30/1: Dog my cats if such an ugly set of customers can be found [DA].
St Clair Banner 12 Dec. 1/3: Dog my cats, if I can’t flog any man on that boat, for fist fight or for rough and tumble! [DA].
[US]‘Philip Paxton’ A Stray Yankee in Texas 217: Dog-on-my cat ef we wern’t after that tiger.
[US]C.H. Smith Bill Arp 100: Dog my cat if I don’t be the last one to leave this ship.
[US]G.W. Harris Sut Lovingood’s Yarns 22: Dorg my cats, ef eny sich good luck ever cums wifin reach ove whar dad is.
[US]J. Hay ‘Banty Tim’ in Pike County Ballads 22: Now dog my cats ef I kin see, [...] What youve got to do with the question Ef Tim shill go or stay.
[US]Crisis (Chillicothe, MO) 8 Nov. n.p.: Our hero sprang upon the floor [...] ‘Dog my melts, I am the tiger of the woods’.
[US](con. c.1840) ‘Mark Twain’ Huckleberry Finn 23: Dog my cats ef I didn’ hear sumf’n.
[US]Laurens Advertiser 7 Oct. 2/2: Dog my hide ef she wan a blowin’ like a deer.
[US]L.A. Dly Herald 4 Nov. 9/4: And swore he didn’t care a pin / For anybody, — Dog my skin.
[US]Salt Lake Herald (UT) 18 Nov. 6/4: Well, dog my cats if I understand it!
[US]J.D. Corrothers Black Cat Club 218: I cain’t fine a rhyme — dog ma melts ’f I kin!
[US]‘O. Henry’ ‘Memoirs of a Yellow Dog’ in Four Million (1915) 113: I began to feel sorry for Hubby, dog my cats if I didn’t.
[UK]Boy’s Own Paper XL:2 59: Well, dog my cats! If it ain’t Sam Morgan’s boy!
[US]C. McKay Home to Harlem 24: ‘Dog mah doggone ef I didn’t find it just as I landed.’ [...] ‘Dog mah cats! You done tasted the real life a’ready?’.
[US]J. Conroy Disinherited 288: Dog my cats, if she ain’t gittin’ so she’s as bad ’bout chewin’ the rag as poor Lena was.
[US]S.J. Perelman ‘Sleepy-Time Extra’ in Keep It Crisp 110: ‘Well, dog my cats!’ I exclaimed, struck all of a heap.
[US]T.B. Haber ‘Canine Terms Applied to Human Beings’ in AS XL:2 85: dog my cats. I’ll be darned (damned).
[UK](con. late 19C) J.T. Edson Gentle Giant 32: Now dog-my-cats if I just hadn’t got took with the notion you-all would be.
god dog it!

(US black) a mild expletive, var. on god-damn it! excl.

[US]Bo Carter ‘My Little Mind’ 🎵 Now I got two little women, you can’t tell ’em apart, / Said one is my livin’, and the other one is my heart, god-dog it.
E. Shrake screenplay Kid Blue [movie] in Davis (ed) Land of the Permanent Wave 203: Thought I’d never get here! Whew! God dawg!