Green’s Dictionary of Slang

aunt n.

[note synon. Yid. mume, lit. ‘aunt’]

1. [17C–1950s] (also auntie) a procuress, a madame.

2. [17C–1970s] a whore.

3. [mid-19C–1940s] (US, also Aunt Dinah, auntee, auntie, aunty, Tantie, Tanty) an old black woman, used by both blacks and whites.

4. [20C+] (US, menstruation; usu. in such phrs. as Aunt Flo is visiting; my redheaded aunt has arrived; Aunt Jody’s come with her suitcase; W.I.) auntie coming to town, menstruation is starting.

5. [1980s] (US) ‘Disciplinary role played by a female or crossdressing male in a sadomasochistic scenario’.

6. see auntie n.2

SE in slang uses

In phrases

if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle [var. of pvb phr. if your aunt had been a man she’d be your uncle]

[20C+] a phr. used as a rejoinder to a speaker who has just finished a long and laborious explanation of the obvious.

live at your aunt (v.) (also live at your nennen) [W.I. nennen, a godmother]

[20C+] (W.I.) to find it hard to make enough money to live, to subsist, to suffer great hardship.

my aunt (n.) [euph.]

1. [early 19C] a house of assignation.

2. [early 19C–1930s] (also the Aunt) the lavatory; thus visit my aunt, go to see my aunt v., to visit the lavatory.

In exclamations

go and kiss your aunt! (also kiss my aunty!)

[1920s] a general excl. of contempt, dismissal or surprise.

my aunt! (also my Aunt Eliza! my Aunt Jane! my Aunt Nellie! my Aunt Sally! my fat aunt! my giddy aunt! my great aunt! my hairy aunt! my holy aunt! my precious aunt! my sainted aunt! my sainted hat! your sweet aunt’s ass!)

[late 17C; late 19C+] a mild excl, but note my arse! under arse n.