Green’s Dictionary of Slang

baby adj.

[late 19C–1940s] small.

In compounds

baby Benz (n.) [Benz n.]

[1980s+] (US black) the Mercedes Benz model 190E, which is small and sporty.

baby bhang (n.) [SE bhang; the implication is of inferior potency]

[1980s] (drugs) marijuana.

baby bio (n.) [pun on tradename Baby Bio + bi adj.]

[2000s] a heterosexual man or woman who is experimenting with bisexuality.

baby butch (n.) [butch n.1 (6)]

[1960s+] (US gay) a young, boyish lesbian.

baby crew (n.) [crew n. (3)]

[1980s+] the junior member of a hooligan gang.

Baby Crockett (n.)

see separate entry.

baby dreads (n.) [dread n.2 (5)]

[1990s+] (US black) a short version of the braided hair worn by Rastafarians.

baby dyke (n.) [dyke n.]

[1970s+] (US gay) a young, inexperienced lesbian.

baby gangster (n.)

[2000s] (US black/teen) a gang member who has yet to commit a murder.

baby grand (n.) [grand n.]

[1930s] (US Und.) $500.

Baby Jane (n.)

see separate entry.

baby life (n.) [life n. (1a)]

[1950s+] (US prison) the maximum sentence that prisoners must serve (six years, four months) before a parole board is bound to consider their case for the first time.

baby pro (n.) [SE pro(stitute)] [1970s+] (US)

a prostitute under the age of legal consent.

In phrases

pitch the baby card (v.)

[early 19C] (UK gambling) for a cheat to encourage a victim by betting and deliberately losing.