Green’s Dictionary of Slang

up-and-down n.1

1. sexual intercourse.

[UK]L. Barry Ram-Alley IV i: Bloud dost thinke I haue not learnt my prick-song, What not the coutt prick-song? One vp and another downe.
[UK]S. Berkoff East in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 57: How many up and downs have thee got stacked away merrily depreciating unless thou dost invest wisely and shed a few on the market.

2. a housemaid [her running up- and downstairs].

[UK]B. Pain De Omnibus 18: A pline ornery gal as is mikin’ ten parnd a year and ’er keep as a up-and-down.

3. (US gay) mutual oral-genital stimulation.

[UK]M. Wilcox Rents (1997) 31: I left my Marks and Spencers knics on and told him to leave it that way. Then he started playing up and down before I knew what was happening he was upside down and [...] he came all over my face.