Green’s Dictionary of Slang

behind adv.

[behind n. (2)]

ref. to the back of an object, spec. working as a bus conductor.

[UK]J. Greenwood Behind A Bus 121: During my long experience ‘behind’.
Online Sl. Dict. 🌐 behind n [...] 2. the seat behind the passenger seat in a vehicle. (‘I get behind!’).

SE in slang uses

In phrases

all behind in Melbourne (adj.) [pun on behind n. (1)/SE behind]

(Aus.) fat, heavy-buttocked.

[Aus]Baker Popular Dict. Aus. Sl.
[Aus]N. Pulliam I Travelled a Lonely Land (1957) 229/1: all behind in Melbourne – broad in the rear.
[UK]Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 22 10: all behind in Melbourne very broad across the rump (Western Australian slang).
[Aus]An Aussie In Holland 🌐 all behind in Melbourne – has a big bum.
all behind like the cow’s tail (adj.) [pun]


[UK]H. de la Pasture Real Pearls in a False Setting 64: Jack soon returned, stating, that Mr. Daniel was all behind, like the cow's tail [...] but that he would make haste.
[Ire]S.C. Hall Sketches of irish Character 223: Come, they’re crowding into the tint, and we'll be all behind, like the cow's tail, if we don’t make haste.
[UK]New Statesman 2 49: I remember A climbing upstairs to bed in front of her, dreading that saying which followed too often on downstairs good-nights, ‘I am all behind like the cow’s tail’.
[UK]Surrey Mirror 20 Nov. 8/4: There is the expressive phrase, ‘All behind like a cow’s tail’.
[UK]H.E. Bates Fallow Land 198: My old mother still ploughs like that on our old farm, all behind, like the cow's tail.
[UK]H.E. Bates Cut & Come Again [ebook] ‘Get up earlier,’ said the big man. ‘Poor old Milk. All behind, like the cow's tail’.
[UK]V. Smith Pride of the Moor 139: ‘Come on, Bessie,’ they cried at the windows. ‘All behind like the cow's tail’ .
[UK]R. Kempson Life Among the Redgraves 11: Now and then he would call out, ‘You’re all behind, like the cow's tail.’ This was a sort of insult, which I thought very unfair.
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