Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whid v.

also whiddy, wid
[whid n. (1)]

to speak or tell; to talk criminal jargon, to lie; thus widding n.

[UK]Rowlands Martin Mark-all 43: Stow your whids & plant, and whid no more of that.
J. Taylor Crabree Lectures 191: Cove. I whid to thee: I budged to the bowsing Ken, & there I bowsed all my lower amongst the Beane Coves, and Doxes.
[UK]Whole Art of Thieving n.p.: Wid rumley speak well.
[Scot]D. Haggart Autobiog. 48: He [...] asked me if I would accept a gauge of budge, which I did; after whidding over it about an hour, he asked me to take a walk.
[UK]‘An Amateur’ Real Life in London I 559: I’m d—d if he was not up to slum, and he whiddied their wattles with the velvet, and floored the town toddlers easy enough.
[UK]Swell’s Night Guide 60: So nanty widding about pluck and cartsue; the biggest dogs dosn’t awlus wag the longest tails, you know.