Green’s Dictionary of Slang

package n.

1. [late 19C–1930s] a drink.

2. [1910s+] (US) a police record; a jail sentence .

3. [1920s+] (US, a man, a person; thus US Und.) a kidnap victim.

4. [20C+] (US drugs) a bulk supply of a given drug.

5. [1940s+] an attractive and usu. small, neat woman.

6. [1950s] (US Und.) a (long) prison term.

7. [1960s] (US) a baby, a pregnancy.

8. [1970s+] (US) the male genitals.

9. [1980s+] (US) the vagina.

10. [1990s+] (US prison) a positive report on a prisoner [the package of papers on which it is written].

11. [2000s] AIDS.

12. (US) the male genitals.

In phrases

prize package (n.) (also prize packet)

1. [1920s+] (US) a fool.

2. [1920s] an excellent example.