Green’s Dictionary of Slang

N.O.R.W.I.C.H. phr.


(k)nickers off ready when I come home; an amorous acronym, usu. found on the back of envelopes of love letters (orig. by soldiers).

[UK]Guardian 22 July 19: The wartime favourite NORWICH, which I shall not explain in case children read it.
[UK]‘Hectic James’ ‘Stuff’ 30 Sept. [Internet] These are shorthand acronyms used by lovers, such as SWALK for Sealed with A Loving Kiss. Other examples given were: BURMA: Be undressed ready, my angel; EGYPT: Eager to grab your pretty tits; HOLLAND: Hope our love lasts and never dies; ITALY: I trust and love you; NORWICH: (K)nickers off ready when I come home; BOLTOP: Better on lips than on paper (of a kiss).