Green’s Dictionary of Slang

broom n.1

[synon. with brush n.4 ; note early 17C broom, a horse’s tail]

1. [late 19C] the pubic hair; of male pubic hair, ext. as womb broom.

2. [late 19C] the female genitals.

3. [late 19C] (also womb broom) the penis.

4. [1940s] (US black) a cigar [resemblance to a small SE broomstick].

SE in slang uses

In compounds

Broomface (n.) [the figure of a bearded Uncle Sam n.1 ]

[1950s] (US) the Federal government.

broom-handle (n.)

[late 19C] the erect penis.

Broomtown (n.) [ety. unknown]

[1990s+] (US) an area of town inhabited mainly by white people only.

In phrases

cop a broom (v.)

[1930s–40s] (US black) to leave quickly, to rush away.

hang out the broom (v.) [the tradition of hanging out a broom to announce that one’s wife was absent and thus advertise for a temporary housekeeper]

[17C] of a man, to admit to one’s being cuckolded.