Green’s Dictionary of Slang

skin adj.2

(orig. US) featuring nudity; usu. in the context of pornography.

[UK]S. Berkoff East in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 64: Impatient to act out a few skin scenarios floating around in my skull.
[US]R. Campbell In La-La Land We Trust (1999) 14: It could be that the next generational struggle might be over certain aspects of the skin trade.
[US]D. Woodrell Muscle for the Wing 119: An impromptu skin story with plenty of tits and ass to hold her audience.
[UK]A. Close Official and Doubtful 356: She wouldn’t want to interfere with his enjoyment of the skin show at Villa Park.
[US]‘Randy Everhard’ Tattoo of a Naked Lady 114: But something about that skin show caught my fancy.

In compounds

skin bar (n.)

a striptease club or public house that offers strippers.

[UK]T. Black Gutted 61: The area we call the Pubic Triangle: skin bars and brassers all the way along to Lothian Road.
skin flick (n.)

a pornographic film.

[US]Current Sl. II:2 13: Skin flick: obscene or sexy movie.
[UK]Times 28 Nov. 20: A profitable avalanche of skin flicks and stag movies, all totally explicit.
[UK]S. Berkoff East in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 56: She became with me a fun palace in which [...] skin-flicks and three-act dramas would be enacted.
[US](con. 1968) D.A. Dye Citadel (1989) 104: Skin flicks get old after the first showing.
[US]‘Joe Bob Briggs’ Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In 14: An Italian named Joe D’Amato, who does some great skin flicks starring Laura Gemser.
[UK]Roger’s Profanisaurus in Viz 87 Dec. n.p.: skin flick n. Art house film; blue movie; mamba matinee.
[UK]Guardian 25 Jan. 18: Our censors ensure that few skinflicks reach the big screens.
skin house (n.)

1. (US) an establishment providing pornographic entertainment.

[US]Harper’s Mag. July 34: The skin houses were mostly playing short subjects – a girl taking a bath in a sylvan stream, a volley-ball game in a nudist camp.
[US]J. Wambaugh Blue Knight 29: Some gunsel I’d heard was hanging out in the skin houses and taxi-dance joints.

2. see also sl. compounds under skin v.1

skin joint (n.) [joint n. (3b)]

1. a nightclub or bar with young women employed to entertain customers.

[US]N.Y. Age 21 Sept. 10/7: Who was the young man, being blitzed at a certain ‘skin joint’ went home to get his ‘owl-head’ and never returned.
Arizona Dly Sun (Flagstaff, AZ) 10 Aug. 2/1: ‘Skin joints’ operating as restaurants and motels are giving Arizona an unsavory name.
Albuquerque Jrnl (NM) 23 May 9/1: What would happen if toplessness became a trend in Uptown. Uptown seems an odd place for a skin joint.
[US]J. Wambaugh Finnegan’s Week 273: They’re going to a skin joint for a cheap night out.

2. see also sl. compounds under skin v.1

skin mag (n.) (also skin book, ...magazine, ...rag)

a pornographic magazine.

[US] in Current Sl. (1967) I:4 5/1: Skin book, n. Girly magazine.
[US]D. Ponicsan Last Detail 6: Jesus Christ, Bad-Ass! Where’d you learn that? You really oughta be writing skin books.
[UK]Nova Apr. 16: Others will know from the past that yours is something more than a skin-rag.
[US]J. Wambaugh Choirboys (1976) 91: Calvin glanced at the rows of skin magazines.
[US]L. Heinemann Paco’s Story (1987) 41: Stack of skin magazines (All-Star Tit Queens and Bikes, Black Leather and Big Broads).
[US]Simon & Burns Corner (1998) 404: Only to find the papers forgotten a few days later beneath a stack of skin mags in his bedroom.
[UK]Folio June 43: The books we’ve always referred to as ‘skin books’.
[US]J. Ridley Conversation with the Mann 58: We sat around playing cards, smoking, paging through mail-order skin magazines.
[US]J. Ellroy Hilliker Curse 5: Armand Ellroy subscribed to scandal rags and skin magazines.