Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chucked adj.1

[chuck v.2 ]

1. (also chuck full) slightly drunk, tipsy.

[UK]Gent.’s Mag. 559: To express the condition of an Honest Fellow, and no Flincher, under the Effects of good Fellowship, it is said that he is [...] Chuck full.
Ally Sloper’s Half-Holiday 17 Aug. 258/2: His back being nearly broken from your constantly falling over him when you’ve been chucked [F&H].
[Scot]Dundee Courier 2 Jan. 5/6: ‘What ails that man?’ [...] ‘Pretty well chucked,’ was the answer.

2. disappointed, tricked.

[UK]Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday 3 May 6/3: Theatre in Lincol’s Inn Fields opened 1695. I. Moses’s great-great-grandfather [...] severely chucked.
[UK] ‘’Arry on Competitive Examination’ in Punch 1 Dec. 253/2: I’m down on my luck, fairly chucked, and no error this go.

3. thrown out; acquitted.

[UK]J. Curtis They Drive by Night 225: If you go and give yourself up you’ll stand a good chance of creeping with it. Blokes have got chucked before.
[UK]J. Morton Lowspeak.

4. rejected by a lover.

[UK]J. Morton Lowspeak.