Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chovey n.

also chovy
[ety. unknown]

1. a shop; thus ann-chovey and man-chovey, the female and male shop assistant.

[UK] in B.M. Carew Life .
[UK]H. Brandon Dict. of the Flash or Cant Lang. 162/1: Chovey – a shop.
[UK]J. Archbold Magistrate’s Assistant (2nd edn) 444: A shop – Chovey.
[US]Matsell Vocabulum.
[UK]Hotten Sl. Dict.
[UK]Newcastle Courant 9 Sept. 6/5: When we enter the chovey and dub the jigger, slour us in and remain dark until you hear a cat mew.
[Aus]Sydney Sl. Dict. 10/2: I frisked a lushy yokel who was snoozing in the Park and found a thimble and no slang and a caser. He had a dummie, but no flimsies in it only some chovey stiffs.
[Aus]Crowe Aus. Sl. Dict. 17: Chovey, a shop.
[US]Sun (NY) 10 July 29/4: Here is a genuine letter written in thieves’ slang, recently found by the English police [...] I gave a skister’s red thimble and slang and a cat to my mollisker stalling while we cracked the fakir’s chovey.

2. (UK Und.) a cart.

[UK]H. Smith Gale Middleton 1 161: ‘It’s the drag cove’ [...] ‘I hope he can get the chovey up Dunghill-lane’.

In compounds

chovy-bouncing (n.) [bounce v.1 (5)]

(Aus. Und.) shoplifting.

[Aus]Sydney Sl. Dict. 9/2: Black Bess lumbered Mother Shooter to the Nick yesterday. She got a dream for chovy bouncing. The prison van took Mother Shooter to Darlinghurst jail yesterday. She got six months for shoplifting.