Green’s Dictionary of Slang

crawsick adj.

[SE craw, the stomach]

(Irish) suffering from a hangover.

Tea Drinking Wife, and Drunken Husband 7: You go to the Ale-House & get drunk with strong Beer [...] You are both crawsick and quarrelsome all the next Day.
[Ire] ‘A Drop of Dram’ in A. Carpenter Verse in Eng. in 18C Ireland (1998) 397: Craw sick Luke he wakens, and he call for mugs of ale.
[Ire] ‘A Drop of Dram’ Luke Caffrey’s Gost 6: [as previous].
[Ire]P.W. Joyce Eng. As We Speak It In Ireland.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 32: You mean that knockkneed mother’s darling who seems to be slightly crawsick?
[UK]S. Murphy Stone Mad (1966) 69: The next morning we were both craw-sick, so the good woman gave us a good tightener of the home-cured bacon.
[Ire]P. Boyle All Looks Yellow to the Jaundiced Eye 67: A bit craw-sick perhaps.