Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bamboo n.

1. [mid–19C] (US) nonsense, a ‘fairy–story’ [i.e. a ‘pipe-dream’].

2. [1910s–50s] (US Und.) an opium pipe; an opium addict [the bamboo pipe].

3. [1970s] (W.I.) the penis.

In compounds

bamboo puffer (n.)

[late 19C–1950s] (US drugs) an opium smoker.

In phrases

suck (the) bamboo (v.)

[1920s–60s] (US drugs) to smoke opium.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

bamboo baksheesh (n.) [baksheesh n. (1)]

[mid-19C] a blow, usu. when offered in place of the tip that is requested.

bamboo chow-chow (n.) [pidgin use]

[mid–late 19C+] a thrashing.

bamboo-wedding (n.) [the bamboo tent set up for the ceremony]

[20C+] (W.I.) a wedding according to Hindu rites; thus marry under bamboo.