Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lotsa n.

[pron. of SE lots of]

(orig. US) very many, a large number.

[US]Flynn’s Weekly 1 Jan. 819/1: I never shot nobody. ...Lotsa times I don’t carry a gun .
[UK]‘Ex-Légionnaire 1384’ With the Secret Service in Morocco 162: ‘We got lotsa music, lotsa dancing, lotsa wine and lotsa girls!’.
[US]Ebonics Primer at 🌐 -iz Definition: an extra syllable usually added to a word after the first consonant sound to add ‘flow’ and/or rhythm to a sentence, phrase, or word. Example: Damn, nizigga! That bizitch ova there gives lotsa free hizead. Tizight!
[UK]Guardian Rev. 10 Mar. 27: Lotsa nasty-ass motherfuckers and bad, ig’nint, troublesome niggaz in this neighbourhood.