Green’s Dictionary of Slang

shoe v.

lit. or fig., a kicking.

Twitter 16 Mar. 🌐 Always good to see the fascist apologist and Hitler fanboy Brendan O’Neil get given a good shoeing.

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shoe the (gray) goose (v.) [? the impossibility of such a task, other than to a drink-sodden mind]

to be drunk.

[UK]Skelton Colyn Cloute (1550) Aiiii: What hath lay men doe The gray gose for to shoe? [Ibid.] Bii: The gray gooes for to sho Lyke hounds of hell They crye and they yell.
Parlament of Byrdes in Hazlitt III (1866) line 225: Who wyll smatter what euery man doose, May go helpe to shoo the goose.
[UK]‘Philip Foulface’ Bacchus’ Bountie in Harleian Misc. II (1809) 303: Bacchus, as willing [...] to teach him the tricke to shue the goose.
[UK]‘William Juniper’ True Drunkard’s Delight 226: He [...] has shod the goose.