Green’s Dictionary of Slang

moot n.

also moote
[orig. Aus. Aboriginal Eng.; but notemot n. (5), Sp. mata, bush]

(Aus.) the vagina.

[Aus]K. Gilbert People are Legends 11: I'll sell me moot for half a note.
[Aus]L. Fogarty Ngutji 119: [glossary] Moot [...] woman's vagina.
[Aus]J. Janson Gunjies 43: ‘You gonna wiggle your moot, or what?’.
[Aus]graffiti, toilet, East Sydney Technical College No matter how many times you wipe your moote / There's always a bit that drips on your foot.
[Aus]Picture (Sydney) Feb. 79/1: I’m not much on chanting, but if Sarah was going to charge about with her moot out, it would definitely be magic.
[Aus]L. Redhead Thrill City [ebook] Juanita told me that after she had Jayden her moot looked and felt like a lump of raw meat.

In derivatives

mooted (n.)

(Aus.) drunk (cf. cunted adj.2 ).

J. Janson Gunjies 43: ‘Come on Barn [...] No, I’m mooted. And I’m not drinkin’’.