Green’s Dictionary of Slang

a. and b. n.


(US) assault and battery, thus a.a. and b., agravataed assault and battery.

[US]Somerset Herald (PA) 14 Dec. 3/4: Ida Peterman, charged wiht A. & B. [...] entered a plea of ‘guilty’.
[US]Indiana Democrat (Indiana, PA) 10 Dec. 9/1: E.J. Keibler, charged with A.A. & B. [...] a prosecution instituted by a schoolteacher against an irate parent for assault and battery.
[US]Miner’s Jrnl (Pottsville, PA) 9 May 3/1: The following cases were settled: Wash Rinder and his wife [...] who were charged with a. and b.
Schuylkill Legal Record XVI 371: [...] the charge of a. and b. and aggravated a. and b.
[US]L. Brown Iron City 25: A and B is assault and battery.
J.H. O’Hara Cape Cod Lighter 28: A hooker down the street, she had him arrested for a. and b.
[US](con. 1920s) J. Thompson South of Heaven (1994) 105: ‘You know what a. and b. is?’ ‘Assault and battery.’.
in Hall & Sbordone Disorders of Executive Functions 80: It was stupid, I got charged with A and B [assault and battery] of a cop.