Green’s Dictionary of Slang

ramrod v.

[ramrod n. (2)]

to be the boss, to run or lead, esp. in a tough or disciplinarian way; to act aggressively in pursuit of a project.

[US]Popular Western June 15/2: This is Tex Grant, the star-toter who ramrods this burg [DA].
[US]Boston Globe Sun. Mag. 8 Jan. 2/1: Mason swore he’s a-ram-roddin’ the outfit and we’ll do business with him, if we ever do any business [DA].
[US]G.V. Higgins Patriot Game (1985) 60: Jay set up a little visit to a fur store at Newton Corner one fine night, and Digger and Magro ramrodded the operation. Cut through a Cyclone fence and made off with the merchandise, as the saying goes.
[US]C. Stroud Close Pursuit (1988) 214: You know I’d ramrod it through this office if I thought you had a hope in hell.