Green’s Dictionary of Slang

actorine n.

[SE actor + fem. sfx -ine]

(US) an actress.

[US]Ade Artie 49: She said she was an actorine.
[US]C. Connors Bowery Life [ebook] Dey wants ter go on de stage an’ look pritty, an’ be among de actorines all de time.
[UK]R.W. Chambers Common Law Ch. xi: An actorine? If she is I’ll take a box for the rest of the season including the road and one-night stands.
Photoplay Mag. (US) IX:4 Mar. n.p.: That’s why the producer shies when approached on the topic of high salaries; why he is praying for the day when every famous actor and actorine will have had his or her try on the screen and something like a normal condition will obtain.
R. Parrish Case and the Girl Ch. xxx: Del here is some actorine.
C. Pollock Synthetic Gentleman in Fort Covington Sun (N.Y.) Apr.–Jun. Ch. v: An actorine named Betty Barclay. [Ibid.] ‘Actorine?’ ‘Sort of. I was a chorus girl in Blossom Time.’. Mar. [blog] I mean, I’m a pretty good actorine and all. At least I think I am.