Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bousing n.

also bouzing, bowsing, bowzing
[bouse v.]

drinking; usu. attrib.; see also boozing n.

[UK]Tom Tel-troths Message 41: One other mate she hath call’d Dronkennesse, A bibbing swilbowle and a bowzing gull.
[UK]Davies of Hereford Scourge of Folly 8: Against bouzing Bossus the woman-queller.
[UK]R. Brome Jovial Crew II ii: The autem mort find better sport / In bowsing than in niggling.
[UK]Mercurius Fumigosus 12 16–23 Aug. 109: There you may see [...] Smoking and Whoring, Cozening and cheating, Bowsing and Eating.
[UK]M. Stevenson Norfolk Drollery 83: There where your eye-sore Mare turn’d taile, / Upon the bowsing Tub of Ale.
[UK]‘In Praise of Chocolate’ in Ebsworth Merry Drollery Compleat (1875) 49: The thriving Saint, that will not come / Within a sack-shops bouzing Room.
[UK]Sporting Mag. June II 164/1: We never say of a man who is used to drink wine in large quantites, that he is a bowsing fellow, but only of a strong ale or beer drinker.
[Scot] ‘Tweedmouth Town’ Burns Merry Muses of Caledonia (1965) 195: Nine northern lads with their Scots plaid [...] All nine-inch men, to a bousing came.