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twang n.1

[twang v.1 ]

1. a thieving prostitute.

[UK]G. Parker Life’s Painter 154: Touching Sue. A noted prostitute in the neighbourhood of St. Giles’s [...] will rob you of something; if she takes a man to her lodging she is noted for twang stealing.
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2. a pimp or a prostitute’s male accomplice, who arrives to beat up victims whom she has robbed, under the guise of offering them intercourse.

[UK]C. Hitchin Conduct of Receivers and Thief-Takers 6: He was a Twang, alias followed the Tail of his Wife, a common Night Walker.
[UK](con. 1710–25) Tyburn Chronicle II in Groom (1999) xxviii: A Twang A Bully.
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In compounds

twangman (n.) [sense 2 + sfx -man]

(Irish) a pimp.

[Ire]‘Zozimus’ [Michael Moran] ‘The Twang Man’ [lyrics] Come listen to my story, ’tis about a nice young man / When the Militia wasn’t wantin’ he dealt in hawkin’ twang / He loved a lovely maiden as fair as any midge / An’ she kep’ a traycle depot wan side of the Carlisle bridge / Another man came a courtin’ her, and his name was Mickey Baggs / He was a commercial traveller an’ he dealt in bones and rags / Well he took her out to Sandymount for to see the waters rowl / An’ he stole the heart of the Twangman’s girl playin’ ‘Billy-in-the-bowl!’.
O’Byrne Files – Dublin Sl. Dict. [Internet] Twangman n. Pimp.

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