Green’s Dictionary of Slang

aboliar n.

[abo n. (1) + SE liar; certainly a coinage and prob. a nonceword of the Bulletin]

(Aus.) an expert on Aborigine and bush customs and folktales.

[[Aus]Sunday Times (Perth) 20 Nov. 4/7: An experience in gaol served to show the writer that the newspaper accounts of the characters who pad the New South Wales bush professing to be Australian litterateurs are probably quite true, and not [...] ingenious chestnuts manufactured by ‘Bulletin’ aboriginaliars].
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 5 Apr. 14/3: Can any aboliar state definitely how long sheep can do without water?
[Aus]Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA) 2 June 4/7: You should ’a heard me flingin’ around the fibs / They print upon the Abo-Liar’s page.
Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld) 9 Dec. 8/3: At one time we used to be an abo-liar, but of latter years the painful necessity to graft has knocked all the aboriginalities out of us, but in going over a ‘Bully’ recently we struck several on mean men.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 22 Aug. 14/2: The subject of Australian place names being under consideration, I want to draw the learned attention of Abo-liars to Bananaland.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 1 Nov. 20/4: Would any Aboliar like to enter for the oldest-kangaroo stakes?