Green’s Dictionary of Slang

saltee n.

also saulty, soldi
[Ital. soldi, pl. of soldo, one-twentieth of a lira. Combs. are based on Ital. numbers one to ten, uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci]

1. [mid-19C] (Ling. Fr./Polari) one penny; thus oney saltee, one penny; dooe saltee, twopence; tray saltee, threepence; quarterer saltee, fourpence; chinker saltee, fivepence; say saltee, sixpence; setter saltee or say oney saltee, sevenpence; otter saltee or say dooe saltee, eightpence; nobba saltee or say tray saltee, ninepence; dacha saltee or say quarterer saltee, tenpence; dacha oney saltee or say chinker saltee, elevenpence; oney beong, one shilling; beong say saltee, one shilling and sixpence.

2. [1920s] a halfpenny [? mis-reading of madza saltee under madza n.].