Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jive adj.

[jive n.1 (2)]
(orig. US black)

1. [1940s+] a generally negative term, applicable to a range of dubious actions, fake, phoney, deceitful, unappealing, hypocritical, insincere etc.

2. [1960s+] unimportant, trivial, foolish.

In derivatives

jivey (adj.) (also jivy)

1. [1940s+] (US) redolent of jive music, lively, aware [SE jive, swing music].

2. [1960s+] (US) pretentious, insincere, phoney, hypocritical etc. [fig. use of sense 1 above].

In compounds

jive hand (n.) [SE hand, the cards that one has been dealt]

[1970s+] (US black) an undesirable situation that puts one person at an unfair disadvantage, one is dealt ‘a bad hand’.

jivetime (adj.) [jive n.1 (2) + ? pun on the radio daypart drivetime]

[1960s+] (US black) insincere, dishonest, stupid.

jive turkey (n.) [turkey n.1 (4a)]

[1970s+] (US black) an insincere, deceitful, dishonest person.