Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chucker-out n.

also chucker
[chuck out v. (1)]

a staff member at pubs, dance-halls, concert-halls and similar places of public entertainment who ejects, by force if necessary, rowdy and undesirable people.

[UK]Belgravia 38 308: A lady, loud of lung and demonstrative of gestire, [was] being hustled unceremoniously into the street [...] She had become too disorderly for company above stairs [...] and the ‘chucker-out’ had escorted herat once to Ship Alley.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 16 Apr. 3/1: On looking over the list of ex’s[...] he saw the item ‘Chucker-out — one pound.’ ‘Alas! [...] I must object to a “chucker-out”: what we really want is a “chucker-in”’.
[UK]Sporting Times 5 Jan. 5/1: Every official, from the Lord Chancellor to the German Band Chuckers-Out, razored from ear to ear.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 7 Feb. 11/1: We knew you, Gladiator! When / You shuddered at the fists of men, […] / You couldn’t, pugilistic lout! / Serve cafés as a ‘chucker out;’ / For, when you tried it on (’tis so), / Why, out you were the first to go!
[UK]Sporting Times 22 Mar. 1/4: Somebody who has sometime been employed as whatever is equivalent to potboy or chucker-out at the establishment would possibly be able to guess the answer to the riddle.
[UK]‘Doss Chiderdoss’ ‘His “Moniker”’ Sporting Times 23 June 1/4: And the chucker said, ‘Now, gents, outside!’.
[Aus]J. Furphy Such is Life 104: The office of a chucker-out has its duties, as well as its rights; and in half a minute that farm dog found that one of these duties demanded a many-sided efficiency.
[UK]Sporting Times 2 Mar. 1/4: He gazed blankly at the ‘boozer’ opposite; / And the ‘chucker’ of that show, as an expert, yelled in reply [etc].
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 4 Aug. 10/2: I tried to get a drink at the court-house [...]. By request of the Judge, the chucker-out informed me there was no room inside. [...] Walked round the building. Tried 16 doors. Met 16 chuckers-out.
[UK]London Dly News 16 May 3/4: Take [...] his sketch of a Rowton House ‘chucker-out’ [...] ‘A ready fist for loafers; a splay fist that yanks a brawler, with a tricky twist...’.
[UK]P. MacGill The Great Push 113: ’E can ’old more’n any man in Lunnon, more’n the chucker-out at ‘The Cat and Mustard Pot’ boozer in W- Road even.
[Aus]Eve. News (Sydney) 23 Feb. 4/4: The chucker-out-in-chief gets busy. Gradually the yells dwindle and abate.
[UK]J.B. Booth London Town 190: The faithful army of chuckers-out would at once pounce on them.
[Aus]L. Lower Here’s Luck 176: ‘Flannery’s chucker-out, the two barmen and the girl from the private bar’ .
[UK]J. Curtis They Drive by Night 35: All he hoped was that one of the usherettes didn’t fluff to him and call the chucker-out.
[UK]Wodehouse Mating Season 130: They stuck on like limpets long after any competent chucker-out would have bounced them.
[Aus]Cusack & James Come in Spinner (1960) 381: He’d been the chucker-out for the ‘Doc’ when he owned the Bandwagon night-club before the war.
[NZ]J.A. Lee Shiner Slattery 36: His chucker-out had bolted.
[UK]S. Hugill Sailortown 4: A job ashore [...] as chucker-out in some Frisco dance-hall.
[UK]P. Theroux London Embassy 71: Hussein’s father weighs about twenty stone! Beavis said he looks like a chucker-out.
[UK]M. Simpson ‘Prufrock Scoused’ Catching Up with Hist. 23: The chucker-out looks like eez gunna yocker on uz.
[UK]K. Waterhouse Soho 40: Rings like the knuckleduster jewellery of the chucker-out at the bed show club.