Green’s Dictionary of Slang

quare adj.

[Irish pron. of SE queer]
[mid-19C+] (Irish)

1. odd, eccentric, ‘queer’.

2. good, excellent; also as general intensifier, e.g. quare few, a fair few.

3. see queer adj. (1)

In compounds

quare place (n.) [1960s+] (Irish)

1. hell.

2. somewhere unpleasant.

quare stuff (n.)

[1960s+] (Irish) constr. with the, illicitly distilled whisky, poteen.

quare thing (n.)

[1970s] (Irish) constr. with the, an act of sexual intercourse.

In phrases

quare man, m’da [lit. ‘odd man, my father’]

[20C+] (Ulster) a general expression of disbelief.