Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jockey n.1

[jockum n.; note double entendre on a man’s name in D’Urfey, Pills to Purge Melancholy, (1719): ‘You’ve been ranting, playing the Wanton, / Keeping of Jockey Company’]

the penis.

[UK]Dekker O per se O N3: Their female furies come hotly and smoaking from thence, carrying about them Glymmar in the Prat [...] oftentimes there is Glymmar in the Jocky.
[UK]Dekker ‘The Canting Song’ O per se O O3: This cuffin, getting glimmer / I’ th’ prat, so cleymed his jockey, / The nab was queer, the bube him nipped, / His quaroms all was pocky. / Yet he would wap.
[UK]Dekker Eng. Villainies (9th edn).
[Ire]Head Eng. Rogue Jockey Mans Privities.
[Ire]Head Eng. Rogue IV .
[UK]Canting Academy, or the Pedlar’s-French Dict.
[US] in E. Cray Erotic Muse (1992) 189: The hair on her belly was a strawberry brown, / The crabs on her m---- [mound] were jumping up and down. / Took my old jockey to the watering trough, / Washing him and I scrubbed him till his head fell off.