Green’s Dictionary of Slang

deal n.2

[despite commercial overtones, not a prostitute]
(US black)

1. a woman.

[US] in M. Daly Profile of Youth 235: Negro teen-agers on Chicago’s South Side show a flair for colorful language and imaginative clothes [...] Visored cord caps, especially in colors, are favorites with the fellows and often ‘deals’ (girls) in a hurry to ‘take the swoop’ (get home) wear hats to the day’s last class.
[US]H.E. Roberts Third Ear n.p.: deal n. attractive lady.

2. a sports star.

[US]H.E. Roberts Third Ear n.p.: deal n. […] 3. one who excels in sports (e.g. in basketball).
[US]D. Jenkins Semi-Tough 44: ‘All the best, hero,’ the nitwit said. ‘Watch out for your cock on Sunday [...] football deal, ass-hole hero’.