Green’s Dictionary of Slang

beteechoot n.

[Hind. बेटीचोद (beṭīchod), from बेटी (beṭī) daughter + चोद (chod), from चोदना (chodnā) to fuck]

(orig. Anglo-Ind.) a coarse insult, lit ‘daughter-fucker’.

[Ind]G. Hadley Compendious Grammar (5 edn) 72: Bhun-choot, bette-choot, mau-kau-choot, baup-kau-loura, are obscene terms of abuse, alluding to the sister, daughter, mother, and father of the object thereof. It is surprising that even the better sort of people use them.
[Ind]J.W. Kaye Hist. of Sepoy War I 573: Soubahdar Maddeh Khan, Sirdar Khan, and Ramshaee Lalla said, ‘The Feringhee Beteechoots’ (a vile term of opprobrium) ‘are unequalled in their want of faith’.
[Ind]Yule & Burnell Hobson-Jobson (1994) 56: banchoot, beteechoot, ss. Terms of abuse, which we would hesitate to print if their odious meaning were not known ‘to the general.’ If it were known to the Englishmen who sometimes use the words, we believe there are few who would not shrink from such brutality.
[Ind](con. 19C) S. Dube Untouchable Pasts 96: The maalguzar would shout, ‘Beti chod [daughter fucker] Chamar, sit in that corner’.
[Ind]P. Chowdhry Contentious Marriages, Eloping Couples 113: In terms of abuses, those relating to daughters, sisters, and mother, like betichodh (daughter-fucker) or behanchodh (sister-fucker) or machodh (mother-fucker) [...] are the ones most likely to arouse violence.