Green’s Dictionary of Slang

ace-deuce n.1

also acey-deucey
[ace (one) + deuce (two) = three; in craps throwing three means one ‘craps out’ and loses all one’s money]

(US) three, esp. in craps dice; thus the game of craps.

[US]Nicholson & Robinson Sailor Beware! I i: You know I’m busted. You cleaned me out yourself last night playin’ acey-deucey.
[US]D. Burley Orig. Hbk of Harlem Jive 52: An ace-deuce means three; and a tray and a solo means four.
[US]Word for the Wise 31 Aug. [US radio script] A three is known as both acey-deucey and bad news.
[US] ‘The Lang. of Craps’ [Internet] THREE: ‘Craps,’ ‘ace-deuce,’ ‘ace caught a deuce,’ ‘winner on the dark side,’ ‘three craps three, the indicator,’ ‘small ace deuce, can’t produce,’ ‘the other side of eleven’s tummy.’.