Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dougla n.

[Hindi, a person with one Afro-Trinidadian parent and one Indo-Trinidadian]

(W.I.) a person of mixed race, typically African/Indian.

[UK]M. Anthony Green Days by River 8: ‘You mean the dougla girl?’ [...] He seemed amused by my saying ‘dougla’, which was the slang everyone used for people who were half Indian and half Negro. [Ibid.] 10: Anyway that girl is a dougla.
[WI]N. Collingwood ‘The Dougla’ in Beacon May 7: A young dougla girl who lived with a Syrian huckster.
L. Peakey et al. Gender, Ethnicity, Race 10: Miscegination has always existed in Guyana, and there are names for its numerous variations, dougla being the most frequent.
[UK]W. Chen Chutney Power and Stories 13: She was heavy [...] The scent of baby talc mixed with warm sweat caused him to swoon, as he inhaled the deep musk of this country dougla. [...] He now realized that her weight was too much for him. Why this dougla so heavy? he mused.
[UK]R. Antoni Carnival 76: ‘Eh-eh, boy!’ he said. ‘But you reach back from America. Come to pay we visit in baboo-nation!’ Baboo being a derogatory synonym for dougla. [Ibid.] 78: My mother discovered an entire family of douglas who’d set up house. [Ibid.] 155: From Drupatee Ramgoonai, her sweetly militant cry to the nation for douglahood.