Green’s Dictionary of Slang

snowball n.1

[SE, ? underpinned in sense 2 by SE snowball, a cocktail orig. based on crème de menthe, now on advocaat]

1. an ejaculation.

[UK]Rochester ‘The Argument’ Poems on Several Occasions (1680) 37: To their deriding Test, I did submit, / Priapus squeez’d, a Snow ball did emit.

2. semen that has been ejaculated in a partner’s mouth and that is then returned via a passionate kiss; thus snowball queen, a person who likes to exchange semen orally in this way [snowball v.2 ].

[US]Gay Almanac 96: SNOWBALL: Oral exchange of semen after mutual, simultaneous oral sex.
[UK]P. Baker Fantabulosa 195: snowball queen noun: someone who likes to exchange semen orally with a partner, after sixty nining him.
‘Noire’ Hood 10: She felt his warm semen fill her mouth [...] ‘I just gave you a little snowball.’.